Godzilla - in concept and story

Arguing with my friends about Godzilla in concept. I have not seen the new one, but here are some thoughts:

~ Why do they keep rebooting it? Has there ever been a good one? There must be something really compelling to story-tellers about it, but they have all been not good.

~ I think there is something beyond giant beasts destroying everything. That is not the compelling part of Godzilla. It is something outside of us with the power to destroy us. It is about the human ability to overcome.

~ The story is better than graphics. And there is something that deeply resonates with us. Too bad it's always awful.

~ Let's just say, it should be better than it is. They never are, but it should be. It is like lasagna to me. When I think of the perfect food, I think of lasagna, but it never matches up to my ideal. Godzilla is like Plato's ideal forms - when we see it we see something almost perfect but unable to make the leap to perfection. It pales in comparison to what is in us and what we know it could be.

Godzilla is more primal. She is the beast of our nightmares but the screen version is never really as terrifying as we want to be afraid.


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