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The Church's Struggle for a Story

This Sunday is the day where the Church (capital 'C') all over the world is going to celebrate the Ascension of our Lord into the heavenly realm. The church has celebrated this occasion for almost two millenia. Unfortunately, I think the American church is going to miss it.

And in missing it, they're really going to miss it.

This year I refrained from my usual Patriotism rant. My rant about patriotism taking over the church. My rant about how I think the church is almost idolatrous with the flag and glorifies violence when Jesus specifically lived and taught a counter-example. I refrained from it because (1) it is such a hot button issue in the church that I have destroyed relationships over it. This is an atrocity to which I pray for restoration, and (2) I feel there is something much bigger at stake.

Patriotism is just a symptom. We, as humans, long for significance and meaning. We long for a story that defines us, that brings meaning to our actions. We desire a story th…