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Judgementalism, desert fathers, beauty

While reading this:

All I could think was this:“what beauty God has showered on us as his children and image bearers to the world!”

Free Methodist General Conference 2011!

I am such a nerd.

I am a total Free Methodist (FM) fan-boy. I love it. I love the past. I am impressed by parts of the present and am overjoyed at the potential of the future.

I love Free Methodism because: (1) I think the roots cannot be beat, (2) the consequence and theology of the roots provide for a fantastic potential for revolution and revival.

Free Methodism begins in 1860. Before this year we were apart of the Methodist church. But there was a growing number of us who decided that the church needed to re-center itself on the poor, broken, marginalized, disenfranchised populations. Specifically this meant that our churches should be open to any one and not charge for seats like many churches were at the time (freedom of seats). Specifically this means that we desired to see women allowed to pursue her gifts and abilities and the call God puts on her life to do any function, task, job or calling in the church or home. Specifically it looked like pulling away from high-church li…