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Review-ish of N. T. Wright's "Surprised by Hope"

This is by far one of my favorite theological/ Christian books ever! I cannot be misunderstood. There is no hyperbole in my statement. This book rocked my world.

I mean, I love C. S. Lewis. "Mere Christianity" changed my life. But if I can be a little blasphemous against Lewis, this book is better. It is better at framing a Christian Worldview and the entirety of the Christian life than the above mentioned. It also clears up the murky waters of Death, Dying and the after-life and what Wright wants to call something like "life after death after life." Basically this is a book about the Ultimate Christian hope (Resurrection into New Creation) and how that hope impacts our lives now! These are the types of questions Lewis sometimes missed on.

I have two critiques. (1) I wish there was more scripture actually quoted. I know the verses he alludes to. I know many more that he doesn't. But more is better when you are challenging 200 years of Dispensationalism and 200…

Understanding Worship, Justice and the Missio Dei in Missional Contexts

Below is one of the first major papers I have had to write for my schooling. It is an integrative between two week long classes, the first being about worship and the second about Justice and Mercy. I wish I could have had about 5 more hours with it. Please feel free to critique ideas... I am not so interested in grammar and punctuation :) Faith without Works is Dead In finding the connection between acts of Justice/Mercy and the Acts of Piety, I feel there is a tendency to over-play the connection. Many Christians and churches and even scholars want to convey an idea of consequence; that proper worship will beget proper mission. I feel that this tendency is so strong it has been a lens through which I have read the readings and interpreted the theologians. But the scholars aren’t completely guiltless in forming this causal relationship. There seems to be a purposed set of scholarship that is fighting for a middle way between the conservative individualism that has plagued most of the …

Thought of the Day: "The Journey"

Sometimes I wonder if "The Journey" of Christianity is just an excuse for us, Christians,  not to get our hands dirty and take this thing seriously...

I mean, if everything is always a journey then their is no time-frame on arrival. Arrival is a goal, but spiritual journeys allow for a cheap grace to manifest our lives. It is a grace we extend ourselves and others in not expecting anyone to do anything except travel.

Also, I am fairly sure that there are infinite things in Christianity that require a long-term journey mind-set.

But... just bear with me... what if this shallow grace isn't something Jesus is interested in giving? Don't get me wrong, Jesus is infinitely grace-giving, but what if there are areas he doesn't give or accept this shallow grace? For instance:
We pray the Lord's prayer and we ask God to forgive us as we forgive others... Is this something we mean? Does this need a journey? Is this forgiveness something we need to grow up into or is Jes…

Sound Track to my Life over the last 5 years!

I composed a "Faith-Based" Music list to my life's soundtrack for a professor... I geeked out and went overboard. Thought I would publish it here so (1) people could see what my life sounds like (2) get inspired and pick us some great tunes (3) may add on to a genre that I am missing... Hope you enjoy!

"...I promised myself that I would only listen to faith inspired music and have thus made it my goal to find the best of the best.

If you are looking for some down tempo folk, I echo the above that Jon foreman's solo stuff is soooo good. I enjoy "Instead of a Show" ( or "House of God Forever" (

If you like some rock, especially a little thought rock with sometimes a hint of a smidgen of reggae with always great rhythm, you might like Edison Glass. So many favorites here so I will throw out the hits, "Let Go" (…