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Song of the Day: David Crowder*Band covering Sufjan's "The Transfiguration"

Love me some Sufjan, love me some David Crowder*Band and when their powers combine =

Song of the Day: Ben Shive and Rise Up...

This song is exactly what I needed to hear - beautiful, non-produced songs of the Lord... I will get into my music oddities later, as for now, be blown away:

Ben, if you read this, bravo... I wish you would write a whole album like this.

Bleach: Alive Again!

(Before reading, go to the youtube video below and press play... enjoy said music whilst you you peruse). 

Bleach is one of my favorite bands. They were influential for me when I became a Christian about 10 years ago... They had some killer songs that were also cool. It was some of my first flavor of Christ-inspired music outside of worship and it was awesome.

The other thing I was into at the time was a thing we called nerd rock. It was big, slammin' electric guitar with clean singing vocals with lyrics about everyday life all the way to the nerd scene. Probably the most famous band in this style was Weezer, but faith inspired for me would have been Bleach.

They are doing some shows (no where around CA :( ) but hopefully I will get to see them. Until then, here is their website:

I will leave you with one of my favorite songs from them, though the whole album "Again, For the First Time" Amazing. He is one of my favorite lines, "Hey Jos…

The Radical Wesley: Wesley's Roots (Ch. 1)

This Chapter of The Radical Wesley is mostly about Wesley's travels to America coming out of the Holy Club at Oxford.

This is where the term Methodist was derived from his detractors calling names. It was a term to make fun of them for being so methodical. "The members of the Club spent an hour, morning and evening, in private prayer. At nine, twelve, and three o'clock they recited a collect, and at all times they examined themselves closely, watching for signs of grace, and trying to preserve a high degree of religious fervour... they frequently consulted their Bibles, and they noted in cipher [that is, coded] diaries, all the particulars of their daily employment. One hour each day was set apart for meditation... They fasted twice a week, observed all the feasts of the Church and received the sacraments every Sunday."
Do we know anyone like this? Who takes the faith so seriously?Part of me yearns for something like this, for a discipline in group for accountability a…

The Radical Wesley: Introduction...

I am most definitely reading a book that should blow my mind. It has been in my sights for a long time and now I have a chance. It is "The Radical Wesley & Patterns for Church Renewal" by Dr. Howard Snyder.

Howard Snyder is a Free Methodist thinker who tends to be on the more radical side himself. He is deeply involved in the creation-care movement. He was involved in South American church life for years. He currently teaches Wesley Studies at Tyndale University College and Seminary in Canada. All in all, a prophet, who wrote way before his time.

Recently I had a chance to sit down with him. When I visited Asbury Theological Seminary in an attempt to decide if I would relocate there to finish the M.Div., I had a short list of three that I just had to meet. I was bold and emailed all three and all three were gracious enough to give me some time. I wanted to meet Donald Demaray (our signals got crossed and we didn't meet), Dr. Ben Witherington (my intellectual hero) and…