Bleach: Alive Again!

(Before reading, go to the youtube video below and press play... enjoy said music whilst you you peruse). 

Bleach is one of my favorite bands. They were influential for me when I became a Christian about 10 years ago... They had some killer songs that were also cool. It was some of my first flavor of Christ-inspired music outside of worship and it was awesome.

The other thing I was into at the time was a thing we called nerd rock. It was big, slammin' electric guitar with clean singing vocals with lyrics about everyday life all the way to the nerd scene. Probably the most famous band in this style was Weezer, but faith inspired for me would have been Bleach.

They are doing some shows (no where around CA :( ) but hopefully I will get to see them. Until then, here is their website:

I will leave you with one of my favorite songs from them, though the whole album "Again, For the First Time" Amazing. He is one of my favorite lines, "Hey Josh, how's the service? All this talk of war makes me nervous. Vin Diesel is coming to the show, tell me something I don't know."
  • It comes from the album above titled "Andy's Doin' Time":


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