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Christians and Defending Possessions!

There is something that I have been lamenting over. It has simultaneously made me sad and yet an anger shut in my bones like fire needing to get out.

It is this, and this may be the harshest I have ever said anything: You cannot be a Christian and believe it is ok to kill someone over possessions!

I will not make the same argument for gun ownership. I would rather people not own guns, but I don't see this conflicting with being a Christian. But holding the position that it is ok to kill someone in the defense of possessions is absolutely contradictory to the teachings of Christ and the church.

I am not thinking of anyone specifically, but I have seen numerous pictures and words on facebook from Christians, of all people - those who are supposed to be "little Christs," that have expressed this exact position.

I know it is your right as an American citizen to defend your stuff, but you are not primarily citizens of America - you belong to another Kingdom altogether, whi…

4 Song EP: "August 24th" - Final song!

The final post in the 4 Song Ep is here and it ends with a doozy!

This is my favorite song by far.

Erin and I spent a lot of time on these and are now sharing them. We hope you enjoy!

This song based on this saint and Bishop, Ignatius, who wrote some letters in the early 100's on his way to facing the lions in Rome for his faith. His writings are beautiful and they really touched me as they have the whole Christian faith for the last 2000 years.

The interesting thing about Ignatius is that he wanted to die. He thought it was a great honor to die for the faith and often talked of fighting the beasts, provoking them, hoping they weren't too full from eating other people already. In his final letter, to the Romans where he was going to be executed, he asked them not to interfere or try to stop his execution. If anything he asked them to come to the arena and provoke the beasts to eat him. He did not want them to cry but to sing hymns of Jesus. Below is the song and full explanati…

My Hope For Holy Saturday!

It is my hope we would sit in shock, in quietness, in awe...

For many of us we focus on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Between the two is Holy Saturday. If we place too much emphasis on Good Friday we are probably reducing our gospel entirely too narrowly on sin and sin management in the individual. If we focus too much on Easter, we are probably creating unrealistic, underwhelming expectations about the demands of the true Gospel, venturing into self-help, reductionism and dangerous triumphalism. If we focus only on the two, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, we create an unhealthy dichotomy so starkly contrasted that by necessity we have to observe them both only as religious obligation where the two events meld into a single event without further reflection or transformation.

It is my hope that today we would question everything! From the standpoint of today, there is no tomorrow. There is no Easter Resurrection. There is no new creation and the destruction of death. There is not…

4 Song Ep: "I Will Wait"

I wrote 4 songs for school. I worked very hard on them and have decided to share them. I hope you like them.

This is song 3 of 4. Here are songs ONE and TWO if you are interested.

Now on to Song 3 - I Will Wait.

This song may be familiar to some of you. I have been recording and messing around with it for a while. There is a new ending for sure. The reader's digest version on my opinion of this song is that I like it but I don't love it. I love how technical the song is and I spent a great deal of creative time on the song, especially adding the Taize part at the end, but its ok. The full effect of what I was aiming for is described below!

“I Will Wait” Your love has hit me from the start, filled the holes in the deepest part I cannot wait but I will wait forever Hope for me I am not strong; tell me what takes so long I cannot wait but I will wait forever
And I will faint in your presence
Please I pray you come and meet me I will, I will wait for you Hope’s last hope I won’t let go I will…