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Here are my answers to two laid back midterm questions in one of my classes. The books I quote, I highly recommend. For mission read Newbigin (also for Marxism, injustice). For Jesus-Centered Discipleship, unlike most discipleship in the church today (also for Yoder style pacifism, anti-militarism).

1. What is the significance of Jesus in the overall context of the biblical narrative and what is essential in reflecting on the implications of that for a post-modern culture?The question posed is of Jesus’ contribution to the Bible’s overarching story and what is the relevance for post-modernism. Most of the answer to this question will come from N. T. Wright’s, “The Challenge of Jesus.”Jesus’ contribution to the biblical narrative is, first, to be firmly seen in context of the 1st Century Israel/ Judaism. The Jews of the time were living under Roman occupation. There were many groups of Jews who had been taken sides. There were those who adopted the customs of the culture and enjoyed gre…