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A weird happening with an even weirder coincidence!

So, I accidentally bought the same book twice from I think it was cheap, don't tell my wife just in case. That is the weird happening.

The book is "Listen to Luther: Selections from Martin Luther's Table Talk" by a Free Methodist phenom named Donald Demaray. I bought the book(s?) because I have a meeting with him in Wilmore, KY this coming week and I wanted something to talk with him about (shhh... I also bought a book of his on homiletics and one about the denomination, I know, I'm a geek).

The weird coincidence part is that in the inside cover there were two notes written:

Left picture says, "Dear Ricki, We have shared so much the last year. I am glad you are here. I hope you will enjoy this book like I do. Its like a treasure chest f gems or a box of rich candy. A little is alot! It is fun to read & think about. May your heart be encouraged as you encourage so many!! Love, Sara <3"

Right picture says, "To my husband on our first…

On the Didache...

I had to answer these questions:
What kind of a document is it? (A letter? A sermon?  A hymn?  A manual? A creed? A church law?) What are the theological and/or practical issues at stake in the document?  What is the problem which God’s people are facing?How does the author suggest that the problem be resolved?How do these issues relate to today?  How can they shape or reshape my ideas of theology of ministry? The Didache was an early church document, considered for canonization, but ultimately rejected as unispired. It is still used by scholars today for historical and social meaning. Also, there is far more awesomeness in this short book about Christian life than these questions gave me room to explore, especially considering it was a 2-3 page paper double-spaced (hence my weak-sauce ending; I ran out of room, but I don't care because I am a rebel).

The Didache (which means 'teaching' as in the "The Teaching of the Apostle") needs to be explored more for its soc…


"... is to proclaim a Mystery before which, before whom, even our most exalted ideas turn to straw. It is also to proclaim this Mystery with a passion that ideas alone have little to do with. It is to try to put the Gospel into words not the way you would compose an essay but the way you would write a poem or a love letter - putting your heart into it, your own excitement, most of all your own life. It is to speak words that you hope may, by grace, be bearers not simply of new understanding but of new life both for the ones you are speaking to and also for you"
(Frederick Buechner, Telling Secrets, 1991 quoted in James Hampton's book Worship Centered Teaching)

Americans and Entitlement! / Church In-fighting and Know it alls!

Love my professors. Here is one rant. I could listen to him teach all day:link to blogAnother great blog (from Don Miller) about people wanting to get real and relevant but being subject to know-it-alls with a dash of uncomfortableness going on:Link to blog It seems like cheating to keep linking to other people's blogs, but really, when they say it better, I will be their messenger; so don't shoot!


So pumped about my son walking...

A beatiful glimpse...

Christians protesters in Egypt protecting their Muslim countryfolk's prayer time... Got this from another good blog by another M. Div student named Kurt Willems.

Moving and Seminary

Erin, Titus and I are thinking about moving for my schooling. Currently I am attending Asbury Theological Seminary online but we are getting ready to make the move to a physical campus.

We have boiled it down (for now) to two schools. Seattle Pacific University and Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. We are going to be physically visiting both in the next month.

I am interested in Seattle for the city. The M.Div program is relatively new but the city life is attractive. I have always wanted to live in a big city. We would also be closer to home. Driving distance at that. One of the pluses of the newness of the program is that could lend a sense of more contemporary ministry training. The school is also much more Free Methodist and I do like the idea of being apart of the heritage. I choose this one for the city and Free Methodism.

Asbury definitely has the long-standing tradition of excellence that I know I can bank on. I have seen the fruits of the program and am blown away. I …

Obama's Faith

Interesting article on Obama, his faith, and the National Prayer Breakfast from one of my professors: great line from the article... “It was through that experience, working with pastors and laypeople, trying to heal the wounds of hurting neighborhoods, that I came to know Jesus Christ for myself and embrace him as my Lord and Savior” -Obama

Whatever your view, this is a thoughtful article from a brilliant scholar of the New Testament.

P.S. Edit: Scot McKnight did a similar article today (2/4/11):