Moving and Seminary

Erin, Titus and I are thinking about moving for my schooling. Currently I am attending Asbury Theological Seminary online but we are getting ready to make the move to a physical campus.

We have boiled it down (for now) to two schools. Seattle Pacific University and Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. We are going to be physically visiting both in the next month.

I am interested in Seattle for the city. The M.Div program is relatively new but the city life is attractive. I have always wanted to live in a big city. We would also be closer to home. Driving distance at that. One of the pluses of the newness of the program is that could lend a sense of more contemporary ministry training. The school is also much more Free Methodist and I do like the idea of being apart of the heritage. I choose this one for the city and Free Methodism.

Asbury definitely has the long-standing tradition of excellence that I know I can bank on. I have seen the fruits of the program and am blown away. I have been attending there for a year already. I know some of the professors and greatly respect them. Erin really enjoys an activist/author who lives in the same town. But it is sooooo far away. Kentucky is a long ways away. We would be 3 hours difference time zone wise. I choose this one for the excellence in academics and I am already enrolled and have fulfilled classes.

Be praying for us! We visit Seattle February 7 through the 9 and Asbury February 27th through March 3rd!

Excited and sad at the same time, with the realization that God is working in mighty ways!


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