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DREAMS: Part 1

Over the last month I have been experiencing some vivid, religiously themed dreams that have been blowing my mind. I thought I would share them (though we are not against them - they are just something that is bit different). Dreams are not necessarily apart of my faith tradition. This is not something that happens all the time. The dreams are often much more sentimental and spiritual than my everyday life. Sometimes they are thematically and theologically about things that I don't even believe to be true. But here they are nonetheless.Usually my posts are more academic, let's turn things upside down for a while.

My dream begins with my living in the house that we are currently living in. Most of my dreams over the last few months have had this house in them but sometimes in different locations. This house was in the middle of a field, with tall grass, maybe even wheat. We were all alone out there; just grass blowing in the wind. There was a knock at the door - it was a family…