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Life Update!!!

Wow, it has been a terribly long time since I have written. This will not be about anything but a bunch of lame excuses why I haven't written:

I started seminary::: This is a very important step in my calling. In case one doesn't know, I have felt a very grand call to the ministry as a shepherd and teacher. This call has both a very specific and general origin. The specific is as I have understood Christ's personal revelation in my life. The general is as my heart is ripped from me at the suffering of people, both from the disease of mass poverty all the way from the lost and empty realities of the comfortable. I have been a Local Ministerial Candidate. This is where the local church oversees my maturation. I just became a Conference Ministerial Candidate. This is the same as LMC but mentored at a broader level and more responsibility. The next is Ordained Elder, which is fancy talk for a legitimate pastor. To be here, I can take different paths. I chose seminary with more …