Garageband Tricks: 3/4 Drum loops and low volume exporting!

For those who are looking for some answers about garageband, I have found two:

(1) For those who have low volume output when exporting, here is what I learned:
  • The problem is with Garageband '09.
  • Go to preferences -> Advance -> uncheck the box that says "Export songs at full loudness" or something like that. I know, it seems contradictory, but it works. You may want to increase the master volume as well. 

(2) For those who  want drum loops in 3/4 time (waltz) and can't find any, here is what I did.
  • I made my song, in 3/4. I set my tempo where I wanted it.
  • I then went to the bottom center display and cycled through until I got to the tempo and time signature. I moved the 3/4 to 4/4.
    • I then picked a drum loop that I liked, that fit my style.
    • I then switched the song back to 3/4 with the drum loop in the song. 
    • I then cropped the drum loop to make it a 3/4 beat.
      • I did this by chopping a beat off. 
      • This is the place to explore. Chop ends or beginnings off. Copy and paste the remainder back to back. See how it feels. Mine turned out great. I used a smooth drum loop like Lounge jazz or something like that. Worked like a charm.
      • If the loop is 8 beats, you may be able to squeeze out two 3/4 measures and put them back to back.
Ok... comment if you have questions! Trial and error and what not.



  1. Cool awesome excellent. I shall try this out and let ya know. Thank you for sharing.


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