Sound Track to my Life over the last 5 years!

I composed a "Faith-Based" Music list to my life's soundtrack for a professor... I geeked out and went overboard. Thought I would publish it here so (1) people could see what my life sounds like (2) get inspired and pick us some great tunes (3) may add on to a genre that I am missing... Hope you enjoy!

"...I promised myself that I would only listen to faith inspired music and have thus made it my goal to find the best of the best.

If you are looking for some down tempo folk, I echo the above that Jon foreman's solo stuff is soooo good. I enjoy "Instead of a Show" ( or "House of God Forever" (

If you like some rock, especially a little thought rock with sometimes a hint of a smidgen of reggae with always great rhythm, you might like Edison Glass. So many favorites here so I will throw out the hits, "Let Go" ( & "forever" ( [Edit: both albums are great all the way through... definitely check out "This House" ( and see if your face doesn't melt].

My favorite is some super indie awesomeness from a little band called "The Winston Jazz Routine." They don't play jazz at all and this created a ton of confusion so he changed his name to Nathan Phillips. Anyway, I love some "William and Betsy" ( & "The Physician" ( The Physician builds to this wonderful fall out at 4:10 that melts me with "over and over I try/ My fallen state still weak/ only the Son of Man/ Only the Great I am/ can know all my failures and cover them..." The whole album "Sospiri" will break your heart. [Edit -  probably my favorite album of all time!!! No joke...].

I echo Ben Shive - especially the song "Rise Up." His music can be a bit Beatles-esque. (

If you want to take it back a century while still being modern, The Welcome Wagon is awesome. "But for You Who Fear My Name" is superb ( The whole album is great. Hymn like. Try "Hail to the Lord's Anointed" (

This is going to take forever so I am going to go quicker:

Arthur Alligood - Presbyterian Minister with an Acoustic Guitar/ Really indie/ underproduced/ Free album on website/ "Keep your Head Up" (

Besides Daniel - Indie/Acoustic/Honest/ "The Field" (

Winston Audio - Rock/ kinda like Foo Fighters/ lyrics are introsepective and melancholy/ Free album on website/ "On My Trail" ( will hit you hard... SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOODD!!!

Aaron Roche - Acoustic/ Pop/ Indie/ "June, June" ( [Edit - I absolutely love the album "Travel", so key in my listening experience. Also, Roche and Winston Jazz Routine teamed up to do "The Choir at your Door", makes me cry every time at how good they are...].

Half-Handed Cloud - Really Random Indie/ almost every song is under 2 minutes/ Acquired taste/ Old Testament stories that are shortened, modernized and put to song/ "Jael Peg Caper" ( & "Quail" (

And finally, Sufjan Stevens - I love Sufjan but a lot of people don't:
~Seven Swans
~~ "The Transfiguration" (
~~ Abraham (

~ Michigan
~~ "for the widows in paradise, for the fatherless in ypsilanti" (
~~ "Oh God Where are you Now?" (
~~ "Vito's Ordination Song" (

~~ "John Wayne Gacy Jr." (
~~ "Chicago" (

Sorry to geek out. I completely understand that this is far too much music to even get close diving into. If you have to pick, definitely check out the Sufjan and Jon Foreman."

So there you have it... Listen to all of these, then buy the albums, then listen to all the songs, then get back to me!!!



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