Thoughts on the RNC – 8/30/12:

As with all things, start with agreement and praise, then discuss disagreements.

Clint Eastwood’s speech:
I liked that he talked about Politicians being our employees. He is right on. Puts things into perspective. I liked that he talked about not voting for people just because they are nice guys.

“Hot Doggin’ it”? Really? 

Clint talks about 23 million unemployed as Obama’s fault… Unemployment has been lowering almost every month for the 2.5 years. It may not be as fast as one would want, but the job is getting done.

This speech is awkward and a little embarrassing. Clint is literally making up things that Obama would never say, and by things I literally mean insulting and disgusting remarks. That isn’t funny.

It looks like Clint is going to fall asleep at the podium.

Eastwood also said that he doesn’t like lawyers as politicians because they always weigh both sides of the issue: I guess Clint and I disagree on what it means to be a good human being.

~Marco Rubio
Very inspiring. He tells some fantastic heart-warming stories. His success is amazing.

I am not sure how his life story means Romney is a better choice than Obama, but it sure is inspiring. Also, he emphasized over and over again that “we” Americans need reminding about what makes us “special.” That we need reminding of our “exceptionalism.”  My opinion is that this is not true. American exceptionalism breeds the opposite of love for our neighbors.

~Jeb Bush
He said some pretty fantastic things the other day about immigration. Now He is speaking a lot about education and I think it is fantastic. Education is a huge cause that needs a champion. He is talking about math and science scores compared to the world, teachers getting laid off and equal opportunity education for all children. This might be McDonald’s cause I’m lovin’ it.  I love your heart, Jeb. You may be the sanest one there.

Jeb did a poor job connecting this issue to Mitt Romney. I am left thinking about how Romney as President would help education. Jeb said that education is important and vote for Romney. He vaguely mentioned that Massachusetts is doing well in education but not much else connecting Romney and education. From what I know of the Ryan plan, the GOP plans to cut 20% from education out of the federal budget.

*** Jeb thinks it is really important to let children and parents choose where they attend school. Romney mentioned the same in his speech. I am not sure I agree but have not researched this issue at all. Maybe someone could enlighten us.

~Mitt Romney
I do like that Romney is supporting women’s role in politics. Holding up women politicians. Telling us how many women he put in his departments as governor, fantastic. That is awesome. Good job!  He also talks about the importance of parenting, saying it is more important than any of the jobs he has done. This is great.

He said that after elections (and after last election) Americans always come together, regardless of the party. Not the republicans I know. They were calling Obama Hitler, the Antichrist, and were predicting his assassination. I heard blatant racism and many Republicans vowed, from the beginning, to block anything Obama tried to do so that he would be a one-term president.

If it is so positive to be a “nation of immigrants” then why is your running mate vocally against the DREAM act and you support creating such a terrible place for immigrants without documentation that they will “self-deport”?

Why is Mitt talking about gas prices? No president is responsible for gas prices. This is a ridiculous part of the speech.

Mitt is talking about Jobs. Jobs are being created under Obama. Slow and steady unemployment is falling.  Jobs seems to be a huge issue being brought up by the GOP. How come no one is talking about the falling unemployment rates?

I hope Romney would “repeal and replace Obamacare” with Romney-care from Massachusetts. That would be awesome… and the same healthcare.

Everyone laughs at Romney making fun of Obama for his ecological concern. Is the destruction of the earth worth our excessive comfort through over-consumption? I think you just lost me, Mr. Romney.

The one thing I don’t understand about this convention and the GOP is this “Leave it to Beaver” America they try to promise full of stay at home moms and inexpensive daily provisions. I really don’t understand this in anybody, not just the GOP. The economy that created the 1950’s boom where women stayed at home, dad’s earned a living for the whole family, college was literally free, especially community college, and everyone had a house was built off one of the deadliest wars the world had ever seen. War does one thing well, usually, and that is it boosts economies. I am ok not having more if it means less war and less dead human beings.

The RNC speakers and Romney repeatedly talked about an America where children can have more than their parents. That this is what makes America “special” and it is what the GOP will fight for. Well, this American thinks we have enough.  We’re not even 5% of the world’s population and yet we consume 25% of the energy. There would need to be 7-8 earths for everyone to live at the pace and style we live at. I am not looking for politics that promises me more and makes this the cornerstone of their running platform. I don’t even want to return to a 1950’s unrealistic America without civil rights, technology, advancement of women’s rights,  etc., etc.

Politics should be assessing the situation of today and talking about policies. America should be humble. America should love their neighbor as itself. America should even love her enemies. Calling Russian leader Putin out on TV is not my cup of tea. Making fun of Obama for visiting with countries and assuring them that we are no longer going to be barking orders doesn’t sound like its for me. I respect cooperation and humility. Using a term from Eastwood, I don’t want to be in an America that is “hot doggin’ it” around the globe, telling people what to do “or else.”

I don’t want my son and daughter to have more than I do. I like where I am. I am optimistic about the future. I want to teach my children to live simply, as simply as possible. I want to teach my children to be in solidarity with the poor, the single parent, the homeless, the illegal immigrant. This is where Jesus spent his time and energy. I want to teach my kids to be very aware of their ecological footprint as a way of honoring the Creator who charged us with stewardship of this creation deemed “very good.” Our excessive comfort through degradation of the planet just does not fit with Christianity in the least bit. Any one who tells you otherwise is an agent of the evil one. I want my children to live in a future without coal and gas. I want my children to have less than I do. I want their education to be great, their charity to be greater, and their lives to be lived in humility and gentleness. I want their America to be cooperative with other countries, peace-making and sharing throughout the world.

You may say, “Jaymes, this is too idealistic.” You are probably right. But when someone cast a vision that gives me more and more and more, that makes me shudder. The issue isn’t about more and less; it is about sharing and cooperation or simply love. It has always been about sharing and cooperation. Jesus never promised Christians more, but he did command and promise love through a spirit of unity and cooperation. Let us not fall for the “more” being promised, it is fleeting and will soon pass away. I don’t care who you vote for, or if you vote at all, but don’t do it for “more” and “better,” you will have invested in nothing.


  1. Some people have been asking about where I got my stats about unemployment... here it is:

    If you look at October 2009 we reached a high point but it has been going steadily down ever since.


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