Lent Devotional Material that I am using!

I am using the devotional material put out by Seattle Pacific University...

Some preliminary things I love about it:
  • It is weekly instead of daily which means that I can miss a day or two and not feel behind. It also means that I can meditate on one section for a week instead of cramming more stuff into each day. Because it is not about new stuff, but about understanding the old stuff in a new/fresh way.
  • I know the person who wrote it and I would follow her spiritually into the depths and back: Celeste Cranston. I am in a small group with her and she is in-tune with it, if you know what I mean. She is working with the material, with the scholarship, and has an M.Div of her own. This is good stuff.
  • The material is mostly based off of Dr. Laura Sweat's scholarship in Mark. Dr. Sweat is a Markan scholar and faculty at SPU. I would put her up against anyone when it comes to the Mark material. 
So, I will be reading and blogging along to this material. If you want to read it as well, you can download it HERE (note: this link "HERE" is a .pdf).



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