"James with a 'Y'" - The story of a name!

Everyone is always intrigued by the ‘y’ in my first name… ‘Jaymes.’

I am always a little hesitant to tell the story I was told but the story goes like this:

“My parents said that I was always going to be ‘James’ but a few days before I was born they were down by the river drinking wine coolers. They noticed the brand was ‘Bartles and Jaymes’ and thought it was a cool spelling. And so… I was born… Jaymes.”

That’s right... 

My full name is Jaymes Grady Lackey. The 'Grady' comes from my dad's name. It is actually his middle name, but it is the name he has gone by since birth. My brother and I both share this middle name.

Some people in my family (Mom) wanted me to give Titus my middle name. I figured that 'Lackey' was enough of a connection to scar him for life. So, as I received my Father's name as my middle name, Erin and I gave Titus my first name: Titus Jaymes.

So, 'Bartles and Jaymes' lives on at least one more generation.

Try and BEAT THAT!!!!! No really, what are your name stories, mispronunciations, traditions...


  1. I was going to be named Brandy. Because, as I was told, "that's what I was drunk on when I had to entertain your father while he was in a full body cast. "
    Instead she decided to let my 9 and 12 year old siblings name me. They wanted to name me after a monster truck. "The SSD- big bad dirty and mean"
    So, Shellie Sammantha Deck I became.

  2. My parents didn't find out if I was going to be a boy or a girl before I was born. They knew I was gonna be one or the other. "Gonna-be" stuck so hard it almost became my name. There was much debate the day I was born. The doctor was all for Eve Noelle. The nurses wanted Shasta. My mom wanted Jennifer or Venice. My dad was so moved by the birth he wanted to name me after his wife and mother. I ended up with my mom's first name -Jeannie and my grandma's middle name -Irene, which she had gone by since birth. It's safe to say I dodged some bullets that day. Then my eccentric nomadic uncle nicknamed me Peaford J. Mulligan. To this day my mom's side of the family calls me Jeannie Pea.


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