Question and thought of the day - 11/8/2011

Do you ever feel like you just understand the world better than everyone else and if everyone else just thought the same way you did, the world would be such a better place in general?

Sometimes I do that. I think that the world is so screwed up and if people just did, thought, loved the way I think we all should, it would be so much better.

Partly I am right. The world is screwed up in deep ways.

But otherwise I am wrong. I am wrong in untold and profound ways. I am at the height of pride, hubris and arrogance to think that my feeble way is the best. That my way should be every one's way. That everyone should think my way.

I think when we get to the point where everyone else is just stupid/ dumb/ incomprehensibly ignorant/ so completely backwards, really it is 'we' that needs the adjustment.

I think the problem is that everyone thinks they are right. I mean, if someone thought they were wrong, they would change their mind, right?

But ideas and concepts and truth all have real consequences. Thoughts are very real things providing us lenses to view our very real world. They are important.

How do we get to the point where just assume the other side, the other person, the other faction, the other party is just blind?

What do you think? Do you ever feel like everyone else is just a blind idiot? How does it benefit you to feel that way? How does it hurt you?

Should we just go on thinking they're wrong? Can we at least try to understand that their side has its own logic and reasoning, probably not much better than our own? Maybe even it is a both/and situation.

It seems like we are conditioned/ socialized to value different things. It is the valuing of certain things that really determines our ideas, right? Stances are really determined for us by those we respect, right? That is why peer pressure is so coercive, we value our peers and therefore adopt seemingly unhealthy actions to conform with those we respect. We may have a grandpa or a mom or a teacher. They may say something that makes alot of sense, but is it because we have respected them first. They can not speak into our lives unless we let them, right? Nothing can... nothing can speak into our lives unless we like them. Is it to be determined, then, with our ideals? Are our ideals shaped by those we respect?

Can we really be so harsh with people who have different ideals when most of ours, most of everyone's, are just shaped by a community that we trust?

Am I wrong? Am I right? Am I neither? Am I both? Does it matter?


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