The Continued explorations for good Christ-inspired music!

About once a month I stay up late to find music that I can fall in love with. My life can be altered by a great band. Most of the time... I am disappointed.

My quest is a ridiculous one, set before by my own high standard: to find Christian or Christ-inspired music that isn't awful. I know... but I assure you there is some out there. It is my firm belief that Christ followers, who have been revealed the mysteries of the deepest things of God, should be able to create some of the greatest art the world has ever seen. I refuse to give up this dream. And so, as some sort of fast-like-thing, I refuse to listen to completely secular music, even if it is fantastic. I do this not because my religion says so, but because of my own personal journey. I do not judge those who listen to secular music, I envy them for their lighter yoke. I want to be the biggest Mumford and Son's fanboy of all time, but I can't. I want to fall in love with the Freelance Whales, but I refrain. My mission is clear, their must be some somewhere.

Tonight's adventures have brought me into contact with some potentials, but nothing has grabbed my heart all the way. I mostly search the indie scenes for my particular brand. They are:
  •  #2 - Over the Ocean with "Paper House":
    • This band is almost awesome. A lot of guitar but still pretty indie. Very clean guitar leads. Unabashedly Christian (which I love). Huge dynamic changes. There is a lot of repetition, which can be annoying. These guys can hit some pretty rockin' spots, which I can definitely love if they build up to it. My biggest con for this group is the singer. I am not a fan of the lower voiced male singers most of the time. So, all in all, I like the band but not the vocals. This guy does hit some high stuff in a few tracks like (untitled). All in all I think "Everything Will Change" is my favorite.
  • My #1 choice for the night is the sweet stylings of Arthur Alligood with "I have not seen the Wind"
    • He is so close for me. A pastor and an artist. My biggest con for this guy is that he is a little more country than I want in my indie-folk; not the biggest fan of slide guitar. He has definite Christian themes but isn't so overt. His voice is pure but not always getting all the way to the notes, but that is ok in this style. The style is almost hymn-like in syntax: Not always a chorus, but always resolves similarly where a chorus would be. Will definitely be listening to more to see if it grows on me. Most definitely check out the FREE ep with the song "Hold On," it is a very good song.
So I continue my epic search for amazing music that is "Christian." Be on the look out and send me a link or two if you think I will like it.



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