My "Red Dawn" Review (25 years too late)...

I just got done watching the classic "Red Dawn" that I have been told is just the best. I figure I will review to break from the heavy blogs I usually lay done.

First, what a conservative propaganda piece of junk. This movie comes out in the height of Cold War and smack dab (who says "smack dab?") in the middle of Reagan's administration. Not to mention in the midst of a million other movies and shows that demonstrated the same thing (just in a way cooler and smarter way, ie. War Games, Rocky IV, and like 4 James Bonds).

Second, within the first 5 minutes the Russians and Cubans show up into Who Cares Back Hills, Colorado and blow away the boring history teacher in middle of a lecture on the mongols. BTW, the teacher gets shot at point blank range, but his paint charges go off like seconds later.

Thirdly, the kids show up to their dad's gas station that has more food in it than Railey's and more guns, ammo, arrows, and knifes than a pawn shop.

Fourthly, P. Swayze is called a quarterback but later when you see him in his jersey, he is like number 88. Not impossible but improbable.

Now that we are done with my nit-picking (other noted goofs) let us consider actual movie critques. This movie was overly macho to the point of unnecessary violence on friend and enemy. The only time humanity is considered is during a scene or ridiculous violence that flies in the face of human rights and dignity. The kids aren't suppose to cry and when one hears of his dad's death, he is told to "let it burn in" so as to be even more ruthless. I am not saying that they should've had a good cry about, but did it have to burn in? Why couldn't he have said something like, "Your dad was a good man and I know he would've been proud of you! Keep up the good fight?" That is just as macho without it having to be the fuel of his hatred (which, by the way, "kept him warm").

There is little character development to the point that you don't really care who lives and dies. I guess you don't really expect much from an action movie, but you should from a classic.

The motif that a battle between the US and the rest of the Communist World (especially USSR) is "bound to happen" is just plain fear-mongering. This coupled with the promulgated idea that gun control is bad because then we can't fight in the fight that is "bound to happen" just becomes ludicrous. This literally happens when the camera focuses on the NRA's "From my cold dead hands..." motto bumber sticker then scrolls down to a dead American who has the gun pried from his hands by a communist. I know the movie is trying to be scary (and was: both then and now) but there are already too many people who really believe that Gun control and liberal governments are a communist idea that un-arms the little man so that they can be taken advantage of (as evidence by the extremely high gun sales since Obama's election).

Either way, I was dissapointed on a movie watching and political peace making level. I do not know what to do in a situation like that except to do everything peacefully necessary to prevent it.

Blessings and Peace!!!!


  1. Great review. I too had heard a ton about this "epic" before I finally sat down and watched...the first thirty minutes. For reasons completely different from yours, I couldn't sit through the whole thing. Most older movies (especially the ones from the 80's) just seem so silly. Now, as for my thoughts, on your thoughts..."Conservative Propaganda"? That statement goes to show that you, my friend, are very biased. If this movie was made by a news organization or a politician, then maybe you could call it propaganda. It was made by Hollywood! Yeah, it has a conservative bent; but maybe that is because you lefties have a liberal view of the world:"Guns are bad, Communism is good, Blame America first, conservatives are dumb rednecks..." Do you realize the atrocities that Russia and Cuba are responsible for? I once lived next to a man who's parents were murdered by Castro's communist thugs. He was lucky to escape Cuba alive. I know for a fact that "Red Dawn" would not strike him as propaganda. Do you have an understanding of exactly how many countries have been taken over, with lethal force, by Communist Regimes? Your assertion that a movie, made by Hollywood, is a tactical "fear mongering" tool of the Conservative movement (as we understand it today) is hard evidence that someone has been filling your head with political mush. Dare I ask, how many of your college professors were liberal? I get from your other blog entries that you are repeating the liberal talking points, word for word, and I find it fascinating. Now to be clear, I am conservative, but not republican. I don't believe that there are only two sides to every argument, and I am a big fan of diverse thought. Hence, I love reading your opinions and have a great respect for your thoughts. When it comes to politics and religion, I have no animosity; nor do I hold grudges, when it comes to differences of opinion. Feel free to be as blunt with me as I am with you. I know you're a good person and I look forward to your next thoughts. Have a great Sunday.
    Bo Scott
    ps. The lighting picture was just a lucky shot with a Canon Powershot "Digital Elph". I had it on the "night shot" setting and had the exposure at +2 (what ever that means). I was going to take my last shot of the night, and I just happened to take it right on time. :) I enjoyed the pictures you posted as well.

  2. Let us be very clear about what propaganda is before we attack and assume. Websters Dictionary Online gives two pertinent definitions (the other being a proper noun for a part of the Catholic Church): "2: the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person3: ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause ; also : a public action having such an effect" (
    So, "no" it does not have to be made by a politician or news organization. And, "hopefully" your ex-neighbor would consider it propaganda because even if something is true it can still be propaganda.

    I never claimed to be unbiased. In fact I disclaim with the words, "These are my musings, thoughts, emotions about everything under the sun." I don't think objectivity exist, only relativity and subjectivity.

    Hollywood can produce propaganda films. Did you see Wall-E? Propaganda film about the environment. I still loved it but that's what it was. In fact, most to all films have a moral implication or lesson the director/writer/producer wants to teach and we would be foolish to assume otherwise.

    I don't think economic conservatives are "rednecks" just greedy.

    My "leftist" tendencies have very little to do with my education. Your wife and I had the same classes and we don't have the same opinions (I am assuming). My leftist tendencies come from the radical teachings of Jesus Christ. The teachings of nonviolence, equality, wealth redistribution, death to self, slave and servant leadership, fighting for justice, standing for the oppressed, bringing good news to the poor, just to name a few from 3 chapters in one gospel.

    What liberal talking points am I regurgitating? Maybe on the subject of Wal-mart you might make a case? But Nonviolence, peace, Jesus' teachings on wealth, call it what you will(radical, lefty, communist, Christian) but I assure you that I study and use many scriptures and not many are found in arguments against me as there are not many prophets calling in wilderness for complete nonviolence and poverty elimination.

    And finally, I would emphatically agree that Cuba and, especially, Russia has had some horrible pasts, but we must not be so proud as to forget ours. Anything we want to forget, they do as well. Our past of slavery, genocide, eliminating as many democracies as we have 'started' had lead to a pretty ugly past ( Patriotism has no place in the church and I do not stand behind my country in all things, for good and bad, but find my citizenship elsewhere and my kinsmen in spirit. "The world is my parish..." and the kingdom my agenda.

    Blessings and Peace!
    (Btw the way, I love debate so I hope I am not too forceful).

  3. I like(d) the movie.

  4. I knew you would "get" me with the definition of propaganda. I also looked the word up, even before I wrote my comments, hoping that it would justify my position. It didn't. :) That calls for a well deserved "touche". :) On the contrary, I feel that the word as defined by the dictionary, is far from the word as we use it in our society. I contend that "Propaganda" is seen as filthy practice which lies are propagated by a a trusted, authoritative source. Lies reported as news, governmental misinformation, cartoons for children that have hidden political or religious messages, and educational curriculum that purposely omits the whole truth in an attempt to further an agenda. I'm sure there is more to word as "we" use it today, but you get my point. You are right (though) that, there are many movies put out by Hollywood that can be classified as the dreaded Propaganda.
    As for the word: Bias. I looked that one up too and I don't think you want to admit that you have a bias ("I never claimed to be unbiased") as it is synonymic to the word Prejudice.
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I'm glad that you respond and don't every worry about being to forceful, I enjoy debate myself. :) Have a good day.

  5. I agree that 'propaganda' has mostly the denotation of bad and evil and understand that.

    By biased, I mean that I do not believe objectivity exist. Nothing exist on its own without being shaped or viewed through a lens. Even if God himself is the sole witness, it is still viewed through His lens, which we have to agree is the most perfect lens, but still a lens. All data is filtered and prodded. All truth must be experienced by Humans, even if it is absolute. So, of course I am biased and prejudiced, whether some consider it a flaw or not, it is the only way we as humans can be. I am biased to assume that all men are created equal and that Jesus' words reign supreme; it is the curse I carry.

    Bless you!


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