"Follow Me" is a not a passive command...

To start off my series on Dispensationalism, I am going to post my most recent sermon (4-19-09)...

Its general idea is that Jesus' message to his disciples after his resurrection was the same as it always was: "follow me." The intention is that Christ has asked us to promote his upside kingdom of grace, love, help, peace both now and forever. The distinction from elements of Dispensationalism will be evidenced later, but juxtapose this "follow me" idea with sitting and waiting for Christ to come back, not advancing the kingdom, not being like Jesus to whole communities.

Take a listen and I hope you are moved by this wonderful story.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HERE IS THE LINK<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Credits, Disclaimers and Extras:
(1st) I know I messed up on saying that it was the high-priest and not the high-priest's servant as evidence it multiple gospels.

(2nd) I got a lot of these ideas from Rob Bell

(3rd) there are multiple variations on the first calling of the disciples and I went with the most repeated. This idea intrigues me and I will be exploring the ancient theologians views and reconciliations of these soon.


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