One of my Favorite Christmas Albums of all Time!

One of my favorite Christmas albums of all time is by The Choir at your Door's album with the same name. It is absolutely free and you can get it HERE! You would be a fool to not pick up this album.

This album is mostly original Christmas songs. The songs are such that one can listen to it year round - and I do!

This album is a project of Aaron Roche and Nathan Phillips. Both of these artist are independently some of my favorite indie singer/song-writers. They both play under their own name but Nathan used to write under The Winston Jazz Routine (too many gigs people showed up expecting actual jazz and so he changed the name). His album "Sospiri" is one of my all-time favorite albums - if not the one.

They both seem to be writing with a Christian spirituality that permeates their music. There are lines, prayers and snippets in their albums that move me to deep worship. In this album, there is a BEAUTIFUL song about a man who has lost his job at Christmas time. Not only is the song written well, the man utters a prayer to God that brings me tears ("Father punish me but spare my family"). But ultimately, after the brass interlude, Phillips and Roche sing a part of the old Christian chorus from "As the deer" that just takes me to another place.

The stand-out song for me is "Will You Find Me?" The song features both artists singing from the perspective of God and Mother Mary soon-to-be pregnant with Jesus. There is a back and forth between the two, I believe Nathan is singing the part of God and Aaron is singing Mary.

The lyrics are:

"Will you find me?
Will my heart see?
Mother Mary
Am I to Carry?
Christ the Savoir
Who we wait for?
In a manger (???)
Are you Crazy?

La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

Will you find me?
Will our hearts see?
When I call you
Will we answer?
Will you seek me?
Will we love you?
Will you receive?
Will we believe?       (x2)

Will you find me?
Will our hearts see?
Will you find me?
Will we answer?
Will you find me?
Will we love you?
Will you find me?
Will we believe?

Here is this track on youtube... but, again, get the whole album to get the full taste. It is free and fantastic! You can't beat that.


  1. Is it possible to obtain this album anywhere? I've looked for the cd-version (on Discogs) but to no avail... Their music is so beautiful yet unknown!

    1. Hey Anon,

      I don't know what happen. There used to be a link to it for free and I bought it on iTunes years ago. The iTunes link was messed up though - one of the songs was duplicated. I emailed the artists and they sent it to me. Maybe email them and see if they would send you the album.

    2. Thanks for the reply! I bought Work Tapes on iTunes, but this album is not on it.. I'll try to contact them directly. All the best!


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